Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated: January 23, 2024

Find answers to common questions about Topsheet.


Production Payroll

Cast and Crew


How do I get started with Topsheet?

Signing up with Topsheet is simple. Reach out to us and we will help you get onboarded. Once the contract is signed and the funds are received, we can start processing payroll for you immediately. If you would like to schedule a meeting click here.

What is a loan-out?

A loan-out means an individual has a business with an EIN. When paying a loan-out, they will be classified as a contractor, receive a 1099-MISC, and no employer withholdings will be held.

How do I budget for fringes?

When paying an employee, Topsheet is required to pay taxes to the state and federal government.

We recommend estimating your production payroll to budget how much employer taxes to expect.

Does Topsheet handle union productions?


Topsheet supports DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, and more. We process SAG-AFTRA pension on your behalf and have automated Exhibit G's making it easier for your team to get your documents into SAG.

Which states does Topsheet support?

Topsheet supports all 50 states.

How do I get customer support from Topsheet?

We want your production to succeed. You can email us at and we will help you out. If you have suggestions, we would love to hear them as well. You can also schedule a meeting with the team.

Do you have a demo?

Grab a meeting with our team to get a demo and walkthrough: Schedule a Meeting

Production Payroll

Does Topsheet offer workers' compensation?

Does Topsheet offer workman's comp? Yes! Our workers’ comp policy really depends on the risk of the production. If you have explosions and stunts you can (most likely) expect a higher rate. But our average is around 4.8%, this changes by position and state. Find out more about Workman's Comp

Can we continue to use our existing Workers’ Compensation coverage?

No, you will have to come under our WCI coverage, since Topsheet is the employer of record.

Do you take care of State and Federal taxes?

Yes! We take care of State and Federal taxes. We also take care of union pension payment and filing.

How does Topsheet receive funds from customers?

We have a couple of ways we receive funds, for payments under $50k we can do an ACH pull, and otherwise, we can receive a wire transfer, which will cost an extra $15 due to bank wire fees. You can use the "Prepay" button on your project screen in the web app for faster payments to your cast and crew.

Does Topsheet handle IRS reporting?

Yes! Topsheet automatically reports all state and federal payroll on your behalf.

Does Topsheet support adjustments?

Yes! It's easy to add adjustments in our time cards feature.

What types of insurance coverage do I need to have in place?

You will need to have: General Liability & Hired & Non-Owned Automobile Liability and we will need certifications that name Topsheet as an additional insured under both. Click here for more details.

Can we continue to use our existing DICE and E&O?

Yes, you can use your existing providers, as long as you provide us with the information. But we can also set you up with our insurance partners for DICE and E&O if you don’t have your own coverage. Just let us know what you need.

Cast and Crew

How do crew members get paid?

Crew members primarily receive a direct deposit after the payroll is processed. When the pay stubs appear in employee profiles, the payment should be deposited in their bank accounts.

What are the benefits of having direct deposit?

With direct deposit, you get paid faster: within 2 business days of payroll being processed. You don’t need to wait for your check to clear, you don’t have to go to the bank to deposit money. On the day your check is processed, you can view it in the Topsheet app. A paper check takes 5 business days on average to receive after payroll is processed.

When can I expect to get paid?

Paychecks will be released on the business day Topsheet receives funding for your project. Direct deposits take 2 business days after receipt of funding to hit your account, paper checks take 5 business after receipt of funding to be received.

How do I create a call sheet?

Go to your “projects” button then go to the project you want to manage. In the upper left hand corner you will find a button that says “create call sheet”. Click on that and fill out date and times. Next, fill in the address of location or locations. Next, fill out information such as scene number, characters in scene, set and description, etc. Save and add scene. Your call sheet has been created.

As an admin, how do I preset time cards?

Follow this link for a walkthrough. Once you have scheduled your crew and yourself, go to your “home” button. Then, click on your “calendar”, go to the day you are managing and above the button “sign time card”, you will see another button “manage time cards”. Click on that then toggle everyone who’s time card you are managing, hit “set time cards”, fill out the information, then click “set standards”.

Where do I fill out my W4 & state tax forms?

Follow this link for a walkthrough. Go to your profile and click the “settings” button in the upper right hand corner (looks like a gear), click on “account details”, scroll down to find “W4”, click on it and answer the questions and then click “update”.

Where do I fill out my Bank info?

Follow this link for a walkthrough. Go to your profile and click the “settings” button in the upper right hand corner (looks like a gear), click on “account details”, scroll down to “Bank Info”, click on it and answer the questions then click “update”.

How do I sign my time card?

Follow this link for a walkthrough. You will click on the home button in the app and that will lead you to your calendar. Find the day you worked and click on “sign time card”. From there, you can fill it out and submit.