Stanley Yang
September 25, 2020

14 Film Lighting Techniques for Cinematic Shots

Without adequate lighting, even the best cameras in the world wouldn't capture perfect pictures. This is why, as a filmmaker, it's always important to learn all the essential film lighting techniques and setup that enhances your images and creates in-depth light that supports your story. [...]

Stanley Yang
September 25, 2020

10 Essential Screenwriting Software for Film (2020)

Professional screenwriting software is crucial for today's scriptwriters. Scriptwriting is finding it's way into the lives of people who wish to start writing their first movie script, with many aspiring film and television writers beginning as hobbyists. [...]

Stanley Yang
September 25, 2020

The Complete Guide to Making a Storyboard

You are preparing for your production and trying to plan out how to create a proper storyboard. You want to visualize every scene before you put the dollars into shooting it. How do you make a good storyboard that conveys the scenes for your crucial stakeholders? [...]

Stanley Yang
September 24, 2020

The Complete Guide to Camera Shots

Whether you're filming an action sequence or still scene, it's not always easy to get the perfect camera shot. It takes much planning to make sure the final product looks perfect. [...]

Stanley Yang
September 24, 2020

How to Start a Photography Business: The Complete Guide

You’re ready to become a photographer. You have been dreaming about this day for years. You are excited to do your passion, showing the beauty of the world in pictures. This is a great goal to achieve, and with the right tools, you are sure to see your business take off and soar. [...]

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