Getting Paid

Topsheet will direct deposit the correct amount into your bank account based on your role on the project.

Signing Time Cards

To log your hours, sign off on your time card by the end of your workday on production.

You can enter your hours worked for the day. Topsheet will calculate your total number based on your W4, your union, and your rate on the project.

Submitting Adjustments

If you need to add an adjustment, whether a Kit/Box Rental Fee, a Reimbursement, or a Travel Day, which is a Wage Bump, you can scroll to the timecard button click on "Add Another Adjustment".

Scroll through the list of the adjustments until you find the one you want, add the amount you need to be paid or reimbursed, along with a description. Finally, make sure you press the "SIGN TIME CARD" button to finish.

Tracking Payments

Track your pay stubs at any time on your Profile page. You can easily see the status of your pay stubs.