Workers' Compensation

Is workers' compensation required?

Workers’ Compensation is required by law in nearly every state in the USA for employers with one or more employees.

Topsheet provides the required workers' compensation insurance coverage for each production to ensure safety measures are met and to cover the event of an injury on set. Rates vary based on the nature of your production, but Topsheet works with you to keep the rate as low as possible.

How does Topsheet help with workers' compensation?

We provide you with a questionnaire to find out the specific risks, if any, of your project. When a project has stunts or other higher-risk activities we work with the underwriters to find the best solution and lowest cost to cover those higher-risk activities.

In order for Topsheet to secure workers’ compensation coverage for your project please allow up to 2 business days lead time prior to your first workday for California low-risk projects, or up to 5 business days lead time prior to your first workday for higher risk and/or out of state projects.

When your project is run through Topsheet, Topsheet acts as the “employer of record”, we handle not only workers' compensation insurance but also payroll taxes for your cast and crew. We do all of that through our mobile application that is dedicated to automating and streamlining the entire process of entertainment payroll.