Payroll Taxes

Taxes get paid by both production company and crew in each payroll cycle:

Employer Taxes

Employer taxes are determined by the state and locality in which you are shooting.

You can estimate how much tax you will pay in any payroll cycle.

You should expect to pay an additional 10-12% of your gross wages in employer payroll taxes between federal, state, and local taxes.

Employee Payroll Taxes

Cast and crew will have taxes withheld on each payroll period. They will pay for social security, medicare, federal income tax, state income tax, and local income tax.

The amount an employee will pay in taxes depends on the information provided on their W4s. The employers will utilize this information to calculate how much to withold from their paycheck. Topsheet collects this information in the mobile application.

On every pay stub, Topsheet will withhold taxes that are paid out to the various government agencies and unions. The pay stub will display the breakdown of taxes that were paid out. The employee can access this digitally in the mobile application.