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Kevin Yang
December 19, 2019

The 11 BEST Film Production Insurance Companies in Los Angeles

We all know preparing for production is an essential part of every film production. In this phase, it's easy to get caught up on locking your script, finalizing your budget, or casting your crew. But every production will need to buy liability insurance to protect your production. This will protect the film producers from millions of dollars in loss or damage. Insurance provides a variety of coverage ranging from bodily injury to cast and crew to equipment coverage. For a single feature film, you will want to look into short term film production insurance. For long-term coverage, you should look into annual production insurance.

It's important to keep these items at the top of mind:

  • Buying business insurance. Most rental houses won't even talk to you without production insurance.
  • Getting cast coverage to reimburse extra expenses to finish principal photography. Insurance protection is important in the event of injury, sickness, or death to an artist.
  • Purchasing errors and omissions (EO) insurance
  • Insuring damage to property
  • Getting certificate of insurance (COI) from your insurance broker
  • Add-on specialty policies: for productions that require special insurance policies, insuring everything from stunts to drones.

You never know what can happen on set. Loss or damage can happen in many forms. Most production companies operate as a company business in the film industry. Insurance covers you from liability civilly and criminally. A good entertainment insurance broker can get you low film insurance deductibles with the best coverage.

Film production insurance is widely available by many different entertainment insurance brokers. It's your job to choose the one that fits for your production’s needs. You will want to pick the best production broker to get the best rates.

Here is a guide to the best film production insurance companies in Los Angeles:

1. Capstone Brokerage

Photo by Capstone Brokerage
Phone: (888) 773-0175
Hours: Mon-Fri 830AM-5PM

Capstone Brokerage is listed on Inc 5000 of the fastest growing companies. It offers the best knowledge to the risk management insurance industry.

Risk management is a core pillar at Capstone Brokerage. Film production insurance is one of their main entertainment insurance policies. Capstone Brokerage also handles workers' compensation insurance.

2. FilmIns

Photo by FilmIns
Address: 9233 W Pico Blvd, #226, Los Angeles, CA 90035
Phone: (310) 271-5582
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

FilmIns is the film production insurance division of Frankel & Associates Insurance Services. It is one of the prominent entertainment insurance brokerages for over 20 years. They customize their insurance to cover short term productions.

Their typical film production insurance programs do not cover stunts, fight scenes, or live gangster rap. They do offer a special program at a higher price that would cover those items, if necessary.

3. MFE Insurance Brokerages

Photo by MFE
Address: 811 W 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017
Phone: (213) 269-4005

MFE Insurance Brokerages has over 2 decades of experience in the entertainment industry. They cover every type of production including: feature films, web series, and theater.

If you have movable properties, like production set equipment, that travels from production set to production set, their Inland Marine insurance coverage protects your assets.

Their film production insurance products will cover the needs of any size project, whether its a low budget short or a feature film.

4. Aon/Albert G. Ruben Insurance Services, Inc.

Photo by AON
Address: 15303 Ventura Blvd, Suite 1200, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Phone: (818) 742-1400

Aon/Albert G. Ruben (Aon/AGR) specializes in film production insurance in 500 offices over 120 countries across the globe. They are the retail entertainment division of Aon Corporation. They have been in service for about 5 decades. They play a major role in film production insurance in the entertainment industry.

They offer risk management consulting service to help avoid injuries and losses. They also provide an extensive injury and illness prevention plan. The claims department provides entertainment claims advocacy for their clients.

5. RVNA Production Insurance

Photo by RVNA
Address: 10148 Riverside Drive, 2nd Floor, Toluca Lake, CA 91602
Phone: (818) 980-1413

RVNA Production Insurance, a division of R.V Nuccio & Associates, INC, encourages the use of their unique online services for film production insurance. Available in all 50 states, their production insurance is formed to protect: documentary, industrial, commercial, and educational type motion picture productions.

The online system allows for custom coverages to fit exactly what your production needs. They have experts on support 24/7 and you can buy/print policy documents online instantly.

6. Front Row Insurance

Photo by Front Row
Address: 14156 Magnolia Blvd, Suite 200, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Phone: (424) 529-6701

Having insured over 5 billion dollars of production budget in the past couple of years, Front Row Insurance is one of the leading film production insurance brokerages in Canada. Lucky for us, they’ve expanded an office to Los Angeles and have started a network of partner brokers to assist.

They usually cover production budgets that range from 2K to 200M, so all sized projects are qualified.

As usual with most insurance brokerages, they offer workers' compensation which provides benefits for crew members injured on site.

7. Truman Van Dyke

Photo by TVD
Address: 6767 Forest Lawn Dr, Suite 112, Los Angeles, CA 90068
Phone: (323) 883-0012
Hours: Mon-Sun 9AM-5PM

One of the first ones in the entertainment insurance industry, Truman Van Dyke, is known for its expertise in film production insurance through its years of experience. Founded in 1953, this agency is one of the leaders in the film production insurance space today.

They are dedicated to providing high-quality products such as: general liability, equipment rental, short term insurance, and errors & omissions (E&O) coverage.

Their production package policy is what you’re looking for as it includes coverage in areas like: cast, faulty stock, props, third party property damage, animal mortality, non-owner & hired automobile physical damage, and more.

8. Movie Insure

Photo by Movie Insure
Address: 9036 Reseda Blvd, #105, Northridge, CA 91324
Phone: (888) 959-0772
Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM

Movie Insure accommodates film production insurance nationwide and internationally. They deal with anything from short term productions to long term productions. Their offer different insurance types, such as rented equipment and vehicles.

Movie Insure offers their own solutions for film production insurance. They also work as brokers, offering a wide variety of production insurance.

9. American Entertainment

Photo by AE
Address: 32107 W Lindero Canyon Road, #120, Westlake Village, CA 91361
Phone: (800) 555-4177

American Entertainment Insurance (AEI), an Insurance Brokerage, represents themselves as a “One-Stop” shop for finding the right film production insurance for filmmakers with affordable and cost-effective prices.

Their short term production insurance typically covers under 60 days of filming with a max budget of $1M.

They also offer Annual DICE production insurance, E&O, event insurance, and even non-entertainment related business policies for independent contractors. You can manage your insurance online 24/7 and create certificates at any given time.

10. InsuredProduction

Photo by InsuredProduction
Address: 100 N 1st Street, Suite 301, Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: (800) 800-5880

InsuredProduction is a film production insurance service of United Agencies Inc. They have over $200M of premium documented for over 10K clients, placing them in the top insurance brokers in the United States.

Their services include the typical norm of film production insurance such as: short term, annual production, equipment rental, and more.

You can easily obtain free quotes online for equipment rentals and general insurance services.


Photo by ProductionInsurance
Address: 550 El Dorado Street, Pasadena, CA 91101
Phone: (626) 795-9921
Hours: Mon-Thu 830AM-5PM Fri 830AM-430PM provides a wide range of film production insurances that are brokered by Supple-Merrill & Driscoll, Inc. Founded in 1923, this agency has been helping with the risk management needs of production companies in the entertainment industry.

The Short Term Production Insurance enables projects with low budgets to choose only the ideal coverages that fit best for your production’s needs. It is eligible for over 50 different types of productions ranging from music videos to webisodes.

One of the newest coverages included in the Short Term Production Insurance includes liability on drones.

Last Words

Finding film production insurance is only the beginning of your production endeavors. What's next you say?

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