Topsheet provides COVID-19 touchless payroll for productions
Erin Pearson
June 9, 2020

Topsheet aids in COVID-19 safe sets

Topsheet offers touchless, COVID SAFE onboarding, call sheets, time cards, and payroll with direct deposit. Using Topsheet on your set will eliminate lines for signing time cards as time cards can be approved and signed using our free to download the mobile app (keeping you compliant with COVID safe guidelines and reducing the need for sharing pens/paper).

Keep cast and crew organized with call sheets sent directly to each individual’s mobile devices. New hire paperwork is also done in-app, saving you time and reducing the amount of contact between people and objects on set. Paychecks can be sent by direct deposit, allowing cast and crew to be paid faster, more efficiently and safer than ever before.

Crew Management

With Topsheet, you have the power to manage your crew with ease. At the tap of a button, you can: hire, schedule, give permissions, update or release your crew, making workforce management just that easy and contact-free!

When you have a film or project ready for hiring simply create your project on our app and invite your crew using just their position and phone number. You also have the power to give permission to crew members to manage call sheets, time cards, or crew, from their own devices, so cross-contamination is brought to a minimum.

Call Sheets

We provide everything production companies need to effortlessly: create, update, track, notify, and distribute call sheets (touchless) to your cast and crew while meeting COVID-19 safe set guidelines. PLUS, “nearest hospital” and “weather report for the day” are automatically generated based on the location of the shoot.

Simply create a call sheet, enter the pertinent information, add notes that allow you to communicate to your entire set instantly, notifying them of any update or information COVID-19 related or otherwise, and select the users you want to send it to. They will receive their call sheets instantly on their mobile devices. No longer printing and distributing paper call sheets will keep person to person contact to a minimum.

Time Cards

Using Topsheet to digitally distribute Time Cards reduces the risk of contamination and allows production management to track your crew’s hours, add adjustments, add union standards, create your own standards for groups or individuals, sign and approve easily- creating a touchless solution for time cards.


Topsheet provides you with the fastest entertainment production payroll paired with W4 and W9 support and direct deposit… no more paper checks that have to be handled by many people and deposited in person. We process payroll 25x faster than paper-and-pen production payroll companies. We offer a suite of tools to service your films, television, new media, and commercials.

Our software supports paperwork like W4 and W9 forms by processing them in our mobile application (for less paper and pen passing). You can instantly fill out and approve time cards on the go. We create your pay stubs and direct deposit your paychecks into your bank account, notifying your cast and crew of payment by email.

Our flat fee is 2% of payroll with no hidden fees and lots of free resources at your disposal like our: Union Rates Search, Product Guides, and Payroll Calculator. We handle taxes and Workman’s Comp (WCI) and Union fees. Topsheet acts as the employer of record on behalf of producers and automates the calculation of payroll and union benefits- observing federal and state labor laws and union contracts.

It is our mission, at Topsheet, to serve our clients well. We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, concerns, or ideas on how we can serve you and the film industry better. We’re all in this together.

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