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Stanley Yang
July 17, 2020

11 Ways to Name Your Film Production Company

There no better time in history to start a motion pictures company. With the advent of Netflix and YouTube, more creators are shooting short films and larger productions than ever before. If you need help brainstorming what to name your company, you have found the right guide.

You don't need to be a branding expert to name your business. But you should aim for a name that sticks in the mind of your targeted audience. Your film production business will eventually be recognized and referred to by this name to the outside world. Knowing how to choose a good film production business name is the first step for any successful company.

You need to attract customers and investors, and a creative name will make all the difference. Many production companies are aware of this importance, but find it difficult to choose the ideal business name for their ventures. To help you finalize your search for your business name, we have prepared a post that will help you know how to name your production company.

1. Make a List of Important Business Information

Before you start to let your imagination run wild, you need to write down some relevant data for the proper choice of your brand name. For this, have the following well-defined information:

  • Your company persona
  • Predominant characteristics and profile of this audience (gender, age, education, preferences, references, etc.)
  • List of products and services offered
  • Differentiating your business
  • Competitor names
  • Where do you intend to go with your business?

After having the answers to this questionnaire, the task of choosing a suitable film company name will be easier.

2. Do a Competitor Analysis

Before you start coming up with name ideas, it is important to do a competitor analysis. This is trying to understand why and how your competitors came up with their company names. This will help you in determining which names to use, and which names to avoid.

To do this, you need to ask yourself the following:

  • Is there a trend being followed by your competitors?
  • Who among your competitors is doing better? Why? And how can you produce a better and unique name?
  • Does your competitors' business name relate to what they are doing?

3. Brainstorm

Brainstorming is a technique widely used in companies to develop new ideas and stimulate the creativity of the agents involved. You can make use of this framework to facilitate the choice of your company name. Start this process by meeting with your team. Choose an airy, reserved, and well-lit environment to brainstorm. For the process to flow naturally and show good results, you must adopt some rules:

  • Align everyone with the common goal of what your company is trying to achieve.
  • Do not classify name ideas into good and bad. They all deserve to be recorded and analyzed later.
  • Be careful not to inhibit any member of the team, they may not feel comfortable expressing his ideas and your company may lose a great name.
  • Create a relaxed and comfortable environment. This will make the creative process develop better.

Brainstorming production company names with your team is important. It demonstrates how different people can complement each other and integrate new ideas.

4. Choose Simple Options

One of the biggest problems when picking a company name is choosing one that is too long or complex. This is a flaw that will significantly harm the branding process to consumers. You want a unique name. But you do not want to be so unique it's confusing to your customers. When selecting the best names, give preference to short and sweet names. Discard names that may cause confusion or association with the competition.

5. Avoid Fad Names

A very common mistake when designating a video production company's name is adopting expressions or references based on what's trending. Several businesses are inspired by some jargon, soap opera, character, or television program. This will not be relevant in the long run.

You need to see where your production company will be in a few years and whether that name will still be attractive in the future. This is because what is considered modern today, will soon be outdated. So, if your perspective is business growth, having a good image and winning new customers, avoid choosing names with an expiration date.

6. Pay Attention to the Pronunciation of the Chosen Name

Choose a good film production business name that is easy to pronounce. Have you ever thought how negative it can be for your business if the consumer is unable to pronounce the brand name properly?

Choosing such names makes it difficult to form the company's identity in the market. It also creates discomfort for consumers who do not know if they are speaking correctly. Therefore, names that are confusing or that may emit strange sounds in other languages should be avoided. Also, avoid names where the spelling and pronunciation do not harmonize.

It will be difficult for consumers to search your brand name if they can't spell it correctly on the internet search engine. This will be detrimental to your production company

7. Choose an Identifiable Name

All of us, when walking through the shopping center in our city, are faced with establishments with unique names. If you do not know the company or do not enter the store, you will hardly be able to identify what type of product or service it offers. So, choose a name that makes it easier for the consumer to recognize you are in the production business.

8. Be Creative

In an increasingly competitive film industry, it is important to differentiate yourself. So, a good strategy is to use your team names imagination and create an innovative and creative name for your company.

Thinking about a film company name that has no negative association can be an excellent strategy to put your business in a top position. It will help create a unique and exclusive corporate identity.

9. Avoid Names That Can Be Misinterpreted

The choice of the name of the company is a very important step and can have a positive or negative impact on its operation. It is essential that, when selecting the available brand names, you be attentive to inappropriate associations. It is important to note whether the name has any ambiguity or even a negative connotation.

In addition, you should look for possible translations of the chosen name. This is very important as it will prevent your brand name from being linked to something bad in another language.

10. Check the Availability of the Name

After all this creative process and the definitive choice of your business name, it is important to take some precautions so that your name does not run the risk of belonging to another production company. To do this, research whether the name is already registered with the body responsible for regulating the registration of trademarks and patents.

If everything is correct, register your name as soon as possible to avoid plagiarism and copies of your brand name. In addition, it is recommended to search if the chosen name has an internet domain. In a digital world like ours, having a website is essential for the success of any company.

11. Create a Logo

A good production company cannot exist without a good logo. It is necessary to think about the visual identity of your enterprise. That is, it is not enough to just choose an appropriate name, you must have a good graphic representation of your company.

The logo is often seen more than the company name itself, and many consumers can identify it only by this representation. There is no doubt that it is important to invest time and imagination in the creation of a logo. The logo should not be imitation or similar to others that already exist.

Here are some resources you can use to find help in creating your logo:


Naming a production company is important to your film productions and your business strategy. The above tips will help you a lot to make this decision so important for your business. After all, the company name is what will put your production business in front of the consumer and will act as your business card. Now that you know what to do, get to work. if you still have no idea of a name, contact us. We are ready to help.

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