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Erin Pearson
August 21, 2020

30 Best Christian Movies to Watch

It can be hard to find good family films that everyone loves, especially if you are a faith-based family, so we've compiled a list for you. These Christian films offer adventure, suspense, special effects, love, hope, and forgiveness. Christian film companies have produced 100's of films, but here are a handful of Christian-based movies that stand apart, and most of them can be found on Netflix. I'll even add a bonus series at the end that every Christian should watch!

1. Joseph: King of Dreams

It follows the life of Joseph from slavery to becoming the second most powerful man in Egypt. The story is written in a way that even young minds can comprehend.

2. God Bless the Broken Road

The story of love between a widowed mother and a driver while she tries to maintain her faith will touch your soul's softest spot. The movie gives a perfect balance of beauty and pain.

3. Soul Surfer

The movie narrates the story of Bethany Hamilton, a Christian and a life-long surfer. An attack by a shark sees her lose her arm, but seeks a sanctuary in Christ. If you are in the mood for an inspiring and uplifting film, Soul Surfer will be a perfect fit.

4. Same Kind of Different as Me

The Christian movie expresses the joy and pain of a shattered relationship. Debbie Hall and Ron meet a homeless man, Denver, who inspires them to restores their marriage. It provides a glimpse into the realities of racism and homelessness without moving into depth of violence.

5. Victor

The Christian movie features Victor Torres, who struggled with drug addiction but became victorious by God's grace. A Christian adult should watch the film and better understand the weight of sins and thus recognize the unconditional true love of God.

6. The Letters

This film narrates the story of Mother Teres and her ministry. Her letters show how she struggled with alienation and doubts from God and people in her life. It is a true inspiration to anyone inside the Christian faith.

7. 23 Blast

It tells the touching story of Travis. The courageous and determined high school football player goes blind after an infection. The movie is inspiring and, at the same time, entertaining.

8. Christian Mingle

Christian Mingle gives a slight ironical view of the Christian club. The movie has a great evangelistic message and will also break your rib.

9. The Robe

Marcellus has a task to track down Christians who have a plot against the empire. However, he ends up becoming one after learning what they do. The Christian movie is proof of the power of the Christian faith.

10. Unconditional

The movie features Samantha Crawford, who faces a tough life after the murder of her husband. The Christian film is a testament to the redeeming power of God's unconditional love.

11. The Fathers Love

The movie features the story of Sarah, who dates too much. So much so, at times, she even dates more than one man in a day. Until she finally comes to trust in Jesus.

12. The Prince of Egypt

The Prince of Egypt dramatizes the story of Moses. The entertaining masterpiece gives a glimpse of God's sovereignty and miraculous involvement in a man's life. It's not quite scripturally accurate, but it could be a good launching off point when introducing young children to Old Testament stories.

13. Last Ounce of Courage

The Christian movie narrates a critical story with a clear patriotic and evangelistic message. It starts with a crucial back-story and moves into a spiritual ending that is heart-rending.

14. Raising Izzie

Two orphaned sisters live alone and offer support to each other as they try to maintain secrecy in their solitude. The engaging movie incorporates humor in the storyline. The conclusion is about faith, prayer, and miracle.

15. Left Behind

The movie gives an alert of the end time. Left Behind will leave a nonbeliever to convert with seeing the goodness of God's salvation. This film has options! You can either throwback to the Kirk Cameron version of the film series or watch Nicolas Cage's 2014 release.

16. Samson

The movie gives valuable lessons to both adult and young minds. If you are looking for an action Christian movie, then this is one of them.

17. God's Not Dead

This Christian film will surely elevate your faith in God to another level. Life can get tough to the point of feeling like forsaking God. The movie inspires you to keep believing and never give up on God.

18. I Am Potential

The inspiring movie features a father who assists his son to overcome impossibilities despite having disabilities. The heartwarming story is a testimony of God-given potential.

19. Son of God

The movie is an enthralling showcase of God's grace, narrating the story of Jesus. With excellent acting and a powerful conclusion, Son of God is a real life-changer.

20. 1500 Steps

The movie narrates the story of a son who has an athletic ability similar to his father. However, he faces challenges to achieve the dreams of becoming an accomplished runner until he meets a mentor. It is a touching story.

21. Thorns

The movie tells the story of Catherine, who loses her only child. The outcome is a testimony of those who come together to trust in God.

22. The Encounter

Five strangers find themselves stranded in a diner. They use the time to reflect on themselves in a manner that changes their lives forever.

23. Only God Can

Five friends struggle through life's challenges, discovering, through faith, that only God can empower them to become the person they genuinely desire to be.

24. I Still Believe

The movie is a story of the relationship between Jeremy Camp and his wife. The Christian film shows how their relationship brought them close to God. However, the wife later succumbs to ovarian cancer shortly after marriage.

25. I Am Patrick

The movie is a blend of Irish history and religion. It features Saint Patrick and will inspire and amaze both Christians and non-Christians.

26. Assassin 33 AD

This is a Christian action movie that mixes time, travel, and faith. The plot revolves around the concept of people going back in time to wipe away Christianity.

27. Free Burma Rangers

It is an inspiring documentary narrating a true story. A family dedicates their life to assist in rescuing displaced people in a war-torn region. Other than providing relief, they also commit to sharing the love of Christ to conquer evil.

28. Home Sweet Home

A young lady, Victoria, meets a cute man who builds homes for the less fortunate. She decides to win him over by whatever means necessary. She realizes that the techniques won't work and ends up reflecting on the situation and herself.

29. A Week Away

A troubled youth finds love in a Christian camp where he least expected. The movie testifies on the strength of the faith of God.

30. Saved By Grace

The movie tells the story of a despaired retired cop over losing his family. He considers a dramatic move that would be a turning point for his life.


The Chosen

If you haven't heard of it by now, The Chosen series (season 1) takes you on a walk through the life of Jesus' early ministry days when he handpicks his disciples and some of his earliest miracles. This sweet, joyful, and arguably accurate account of Jesus' life can be viewed for free on YouTube, or you can watch it on PureFlix or The Chosen app. I, for one, can't wait to see what's in store for season 2!

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