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Erin Pearson
June 24, 2020

18 Best Casting Websites for Filmmakers & Actors

When considering casting for your upcoming feature, television series, or commercial or if you are an actor looking for a trusted source to find work from, I have compiled an exhaustive list of the best casting websites out there. Since film productions began re-opening on June 12, 2020 after the COVID-19 shut-downs, casting looks quite different heading into the very near future. The general casting guidelines are to do as much “virtual” casting as possible. This means, casting websites are more important than ever.

Full list of casting websites

Casting website details

1. Casting Calls America

Casting Calls America uses cutting edge software for casting directors/producers to notify and manage submissions from actors. They cover cities all across the United States including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and the Twin Cities. View all of Casting Calls America Sites.

Submissions through their software go directly to the review dashboard of the casting director/producer who posts the role. They never copy and paste roles from other sources. Casting Calls America provides an extensive & searchable talent database of local actors/models, centralized submission review, instant & secure video auditions, easy talent management & information export, submission viewed icon, verified casting calls, video and audio auditions.

With the introduction of the COVID safe set guidelines, casting for your film will look very different. It is recommended that anything that can be done online via video, should be done online. This platform is already to function within those parameters, so it might be something to check out!

2. Backstage

Backstage is ranked as one of the top casting sites- if not- the top site for casting. Their well-stocked database of 250,000 actors allows you to filter by age, gender, location and union status so you can find the right person for the part quickly and easily. You can also message and manage your talent from the site. Websites like backstage are great tools for actors to find gigs and for filmmakers to find talent.

3. Actors Access

Actors Access is a multi-functional tool that is owned by Breakdown Services Inc. Actors Access is one of the best casting websites for actors and casting directors as they provide a synopsis, character descriptions, proposed locations and the principle production staff. Actors are able to upload and maintain head shots, reels and resumes and creating an account is free! Though there are paid upgrades for additional photos, video clips beyond the initial “slate shot” and audio elements. Actors Access also makes it easy to obtain script sides.

4. Casting Frontier

Casting Frontier allows its members to submit to casting calls for TV shows, feature films, commercials, print and digital content. A free account includes: 1 head shot, an online resume and limited direct casting submissions.

Casting Frontier offers two paid subscription plans:

The Casting Frontier Premium Plan ($75.99/year or $12.99/month) which includes 5 headshots, unlimited headshot changes, unlimited direct casting submissions, link to a website, voice reel and an online resume.

And the Casting Frontier Premium Plus Plan ($95.99/year or $17.99/month) which includes 50 headshots, unlimited headshot changes, unlimited direct casting submissions, digital video reel, link to website, voice reel, and online resume.

5. Casting Networks Inc

Casting Network offers free registration for any actor who has agency representation. If you don’t have agency representation, however, you’ll be charged a $25 annual fee. That $25 fee will provide members with a free first photo and unlimited updates to resume and digital size card, personalized URL to your own online resume, access to new Casting Billboard projects every day, and access to sides, photographers, acting coaches and directories.

6. Playbill

Playbill is a casting website with daily updates on jobs and acting auditions. This free resource is lacking a lot of bells and whistles, but the jobs have all been fully vetted and contact information for the production teams is provided.

7. Mandy

Mandy provides job listings, not only for actors and performers, but also for production crew, technicians, screenwriters and production vendors. They also provide a community forum where people can ask questions and gain tips from one another.

8. NYCastings

NYCastings is a free casting website (with an inexpensive upgrade fee of $11.95/month) that provides listings beyond New York. They have listings for Los Angeles, Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New Orleans, etc. They offer members job searches, agency directories, industry news and acting classes. As well, members are able to post resumes and casting notices.

9. iActor

iActor is a casting website made for SAG-AFTRAs 160,000 members. By using iActor, casting directors and other industry professionals can easily search through the vast database for resumes, headshots and other media for individuals who have a fair amount of experience to draw from.

10. Now Casting

Now Casting offers free submissions to all non-Los Angeles auditions, but requires an $11.00/month membership to apply for job postings within the LA area. Now casting offers online auditions, lists of actors, casting directors, talent reps, as well as casting notices.


IMDbPRO is a somewhat out-of-the-box solution to your casting needs that will cost you either $19.99/month or $149.99/year. With IMDbPRO, you have instant access to active casting boards to which actors can submit their actual IMDb page.

12. Casting Talent

Casting Talent works with a lot of big network auditions. They have a great talent directory and cast for anything from print to feature films to game shows.

13. Auditions Free

Auditions Free hosts international listings for just about every role imaginable. They have listings in Canada, Los Angeles, London and New York, to name a few. Plus, it’s free to use! Just search for listings near you and submit for roles you qualify for with the contact information provided in the listing details.

14. Casting Call Hub

Casting Call Hub is a well-established site with listings for many major networks (ABC, CBS, FOX, etc), cable/satellite (Disney, Bravo, HGTV, etc), and streaming services (Amazon, Hulu and YouTube). With more than 30 categories, there’s always something available to submit for.

15. Project Casting

Project Casting is not only a helpful tool for actors to find gigs, but also a helpful job site for other positions in the entertainment industry like administrative assistant, production assistant and writing positions.

16. All Casting

All Casting has a lot of fresh content and new roles posted daily. They also provide educational acting resources for actors who want to bolster their acting career with things like acting lessons, set etiquette, common terms and headshot tips.

17. Casting Elite

Casting Elite is another unique one you might want to start looking into if you haven’t heard of it before. 100% of their auditions are done online, which, in the past, would have maybe made things more difficult as in-person auditions are generally preferred, but with the new COVID safe set guidelines recommending online auditions, Casting Elite is already set up to handle these regulations. Plus, it’s free to register!

18. Cast Caller

Cast Caller allows talent to upload video clips and receive endorsements from people they’ve worked with in the past. Members can search casting calls by region and see if they’re union, non-union, paid or unpaid and what type of production the listing is for. Cast Caller hosts job listings for national and international projects and offers free registration.

Be careful!

When you are an aspiring actor, you might be tempted to look anywhere and everywhere for job opportunities. And, while I admire your enthusiasm, you should also be aware of the potential danger of looking for jobs on Craigslist and other “gig” sites that don’t properly vet their job listings. Of the eighteen casting websites I listed above, almost all of them have free registration options. But, just to err on the side of caution, we should go over a few safety ground rules:

  1. Major marketing agencies will never hide their identities, nor will they have auditions in the middle of the night.

  2. Legitimate casting agencies will have legitimate websites and casting offices.

  3. If the contact information is weird, it’s probably a scam.

  4. Check for the casting agency on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website. You can find reviews and ratings.

  5. If you aren’t 100% positive it’s legit, don’t go.

  6. Promises of “high pay, no experience necessary” should be a red flag. Non-Union gigs don’t pay more than union gigs.

  7. Major studios don’t cast on Craigslist or have people handing out fliers on street corners, they use reputable casting websites with clear instructions and ads with specific qualifications for their applicants.

We hope this list of resources helps you build your acting career or assists you in finding the perfect people to cast on your next project.

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